Gen 2 Mask.


Dawody is presently registred in The Kingdom of The Netherlands. The information provided is to clarify the Dawody Covid Killer mask and integrated technology. However, the information is not intended to support public health claims for the treated articles.

Legal notice: Dawody's mask does not substitute in any way for proper hygiëne practices, personal health habits or other forms of exposure risk. The Dawody Covid Killer mask is intented as reusable community mask, not for medical use  (use disposable N95 according to WHO standards). According to the WHO, wearing a face mask does not guarantee that you will not contract a virus. No mask is 100% effective. However, droplet-capturing masks prevent the primary method of virus transmission.

Example: Infectious droplets and aerosols contacting the eyes for can lead to infection with the new coronavirus. Kindly follow government instructions for hygiene practices and WHO advice including social distancing, protective glasses to minimize exposure risk.

Wrong usage of mask may have a reverse effect.
If masks are worn improperly or not sterilized after single use the effect of mask usage can be reverse. Examples are wearing disposable masks for days at a row, not washing the reusable masks after use, or touching your facemask and face excessively are commen mistakes that can increase virus infection.

Our solution to the Covid-19 pandemic
We offer a comprehensive solution,our mask is able to kill bacteria and viruses upon contact. This includes Sars-Cov-2, the cause of Covid-19. Dawody masks are 24 hours a day antimicrobial and self sterilizing. The best reusable mask of its kind, with one year of antiviral guarantee. Dawody Covid Killer mask has been tested in accredited Laboratories for its antimicrobial efficacy.

Dawody Covid Killer, with proven efficacy against Sars-Cov-2
Dawody Covid Killer, One mask for the whole pandemic. The mask underwent testing in accredited labs worldwide, confirming its ability to inactivate (kill) Sars Cov-2, the cause of Covid-19 upon contact with an reduction percentage above 99% of Sars-Cov-2 in 30 minutes. While the new coronavirus can stay active and infectious on regular masks up to one week!

Is the mask safe to wear?
The antimicrobial solution integrated in Dawody Covid Killer is proven compeltely safe for users to wear, with no side effect for its users. However Dawody Covid Killer is lethal for bacteria (including antibiotic resistant bacteria) viruses and fungi.

Superior protection
Dawody Covid Killer, has superior particle filtration and advanced antiviral engineered fiber technology for optimal protection. The filtration level is 5 micron (average size of droplets of the virus) or larger in fully accordance to the WHO norms

The worlds most durable self sterilizing mask.
In addition, the mask is self sterilizing and 24 hours antimicrobial. No need to buy boxes of disposable masks, we offer the worlds most durable reusable mask. No need of daily washing, we advice to wash Dawody Covid Killer atleast once a week. Dawody Covid Killer can be machine washed atleast 52 times, tested whitout loss of antimicrobial efficacy. Making our mask the worlds most durable antimicrobial facemask.

Unisex, one size fits all.
Great research has been done to succesfully develop an one size fits all (adult) mask, with adjustable fit earloops.

One year antiviral guarantee.
We advise to wash the mask atleast once a week. The durability of our antimicrobial agent and state of the art technology in the production proces can guarantee the mask can be washed 52 times, with minimum loss of antimicrobial efficacy. Based on the above, we guarantee one year of antiviral efficacy.

How do i wash the mask?
We suggest to wash the mask with warm water and soap for optimal durability of the antimicrobial technology. If machine wash, kindly notice we suggest an eco friendly detergent, neutral ph, nonionic. Softeners and bleaching agents should be avoided. Lay flat to dry or tumble try low temperature.

Dawody, good for the planet.
Dawody wants to prevent an ecological disaster for the planet and the next generations to come. Billions of disposable masks are produced worldwide and trown away on daily base. With Dawody Covid Killer, we have proven one mask is enough for single person use during the whole pandemic, replacing thousands of disposable masks.

Sold out?
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Dawody reseller
We are happy to partner with resellers worldwide for our Dawody products. If you want to partner with Dawody or place a bulk order kindly contact us. We look forward to partner and create a durable partnership with our current and future product ranges.


This product is currently not available in the EU.