About us

DAWODY is a Netherlands based start-up in Science Fashion.We pride ourselfs with our first achievement by introducing Sars-cov-2 neutralising smartmasks during the coronavirus pandemic followed by our nomination to be amongst the 350 most innovative companies in the Netherlands by the KVK Innovation top 100 the 17th edition. Nowadays the brand is internationally active. Our products are mainly worn by V.I.P.'s such as Royalty's and their entourage consisting of private office's, distinguished business leaders. Today we pride ourselves to make our products available for the main public in this stage of our company's existence. 

Our products are known for their quality and innovations, with huge contributions to humanity. We pride ourself to be a disruptive force in the fashion industry, our aims to develop a new innovative market based on Science Fashion and be a leader in the fashion industry.

Our company’s mission is to offer high quality fashionale clothing for adults and built a strong emotional relationship with the customers by offering innovative solution based clothing items that reduce user annoyances in relation to wearing clothes.

Our vision is to establish long term relationship with the customers and to make our business sustainable with outstanding services and solution based innovations.