Questions & Answer

DAWODY L'Homme & La Femme Dresshirt Q&A

What is stain resistant?

DAWODY products have a protective shield, in case of spills just rinse with plenty water to clean it. Coffee, juice, wine or ketchup will be repelled by the hydrophobic features of our products so they can resist the formation of stains

What is Liquid repellent?

Liquid repellent is ability to slide of liquids on DAWODY dresshirt that otherwise would cause harm on the fabric. 

Is it sweat resistant, odour control?

Yes, our dresshirts are made from a combination of polyester and spandex. Where products as cotton absorb sweat leading to nasty odour our products wich it away. To compliment the evaporation process just open the exit. This leads to deminished sweatrings under the armpit and a ability to control odour before it becomes problematic

Is it strechable?

Yes our premium materials are strechable in 2 ways

Is is breathable and comfortable to wear?

Yes, its soft on the skin. Yet made from great materials and highly breathable

Where is it made from?

37% Is made out of recyclet polyester, plastic bottles. Additionally its made out of spandex. By using these materials we save plenty of water recources, cotton fabric usually needs up to 10.000 L drinking water to produce only 1 Kg.

How is it certified?
Safety for user and plantet is crucial. Certification is a pillar of DAWODY whether its the raw material fabric that is recycled or Oeko-tex standard certification of our products. In addition we use premium Swiss technology that is  Bluesing certified in accordance to Reach Eu regulation. 

How do you wash it?
Handwash or Machine wash. Washing instructions will be provided. 

Does is stay in good shape after washing?
Yes our products stay great shape, even after frequent washing.
you know that the average wearing of clothing before trowing it away is 6 washings? Because of poor quality fabric, loss of colors or just outmoded style. We offer Science Fashion and not fast fashion. We choose a timeless design of great quality materials and the best tailors. Our resistant properties last up to 20 washings, if followed the care instructions to compliment the durability. If the instructions are not followed it may lead to gradual degradion, however it will still remean a great product.

Is it wrinkle free?
Only after washing, iron low and youre free to go. The material is low in wrinkles almost wrinkle free.  

Do i need a tumble dryer
No, our fabric dries fast! Just hang flat to dry. No need to tumble dry.