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DAWODY Mask Unisex

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Reach EU compliance, safe for user and environment
Adjustable earloop
Nose wire
3 Layers
Excellent filtration efficacy >95
24/7 antimicrobial
Swiss Technology integrated, proven to neutralize Sars-cov-2
Antimicrobial efficacy up to 99,99%
Water repellent outside layer
Cooling technology integrated.

Legal Notice: Kindly follow your governments guidelines provided to minimize exposure risk to viral infections, such as washing hands, not touching surfaces and eyes or mouth.
We do not endorse or support public health claims, the mask and the integrated antimicrobial technology apply for the mask itself, not the end user. Example infectious droplets in the eye can cause viral transmission, wearing a mask does not prevent viral transmission trough the eyes. This is an community mask, not intented for medical use.

Product picture is indicative, may be subject to adjustments or improvements from our side as we strive to improve our product ranges.